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Have you ever said one of the following?

“I know I have ‘about’ page problems, but I just haven’t had time to work on making it better.”

“Why should I spend time telling people who I am when I want them to focus on what I do?”

“Writing about myself makes me uncomfortable.”

“I just really don’t want to write my about page.”

frustrated woman at computerSo many entrepreneurs I talk to tell me that their number-one pain point, when it comes to compiling marketing materials, is their “about” page. They don’t want to write it, or don’t feel comfortable writing it, but they know they need it…or else they didn’t think about having an “about” page at all until they started losing customers or clients to similar companies with a better story to tell.

Make no mistake: people like to feel like they have a personal relationship with a company before they spend their hard-earned money on products or services. But how will a potential client or customer know if you’re the one they want to invest in? It starts with an amazing “about” page. If you’re having “about” page problems, read on!

Say no more! I want to make sure I have an awesome “about” page now!

Everyone says they’re the best at something. This is your opportunity, instead, to show how you’re different. Your “about” page is what introduces you to the world. And while your competition is trying to come up with more ways to assert their superiority, you’ll be winning new customers and clients to your business because they want, specifically, to work with you.

With About You. By Me.—a product of Jiletante Creative, LLCJillian Ivey, a communications strategist of over a decade with a strong writing and editing background, will work with you to develop pitch-perfect “about” page copy designed to land with your target audience. And if you already have an “about” page but it needs a tune-up, there’s also the About You Review, where Jill will work with you to look at how to make your “about” page stronger, now.

Your “about” page is the way you introduce yourself to the world…it’s time to make a good impression.


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About You. By Me. is a product of Jilletante Creative, LLC.